TU capital: The Venture Capital Seedfonds of the Technical University of Dortmund

Our mission is to support technology-oriented start-ups in the environment of the TU Dortmund University by providing initial capital and mentoring and to enable the step into the market.

Supporting technology-oriented start-ups is of central importance to TU Dortmund University. With TU capital, direct spin-offs from TU Dortmund University are given financial impetus through early-stage financing. Start-ups are supported in their market entry through coaching and access to a broad network of regional companies.
TU capital is supported by the network and the start-up programs of the Center for Entrepreneurship & Transfer (CET) at TU Dortmund University. The common goal is to increase the number of successful start-ups at the Dortmund location. 


  • Focus: 
    B2B, digital business models, technology innovation

  • Stage:
    Early Stage (Not older than 1 year since inception). Preference is given to investing in preparation for market entry

  • Ticket size:
    Approx. EUR 200,000 - EUR 500,000 for initial investments, reserve for follow-on investments

  • Requirement: 
    Relation to TU Dortmund; no R&D project, no project financing

  • As an initial investor, we are looking for startups that are in the process of being founded or have just been founded.

  • You should have an MVP and have first customer contact.

  • You have been through the CET programs or participated in other accelerator programs.


TU capital

Alongside the Center for Entrepreneurship & Transfer (CET) and the Start-up Foundation of Dortmund Universities, TU capital is another mainstay of start-up support at TU Dortmund University. We extend support for start-ups from the university through funding and mentoring. In the best case, the start-ups should go through the programs of the CET or have other links to the TU Dortmund.

We work closely with the CET and the Technology Transfer Office of the TU Dortmund. As a limited partnership, companies or private investors can participate as limited partners in the TU capital investment fund and support start-ups from their own region.


TU capital has an experienced management team with many years of familiarity with the investment process, especially in technology-oriented start-ups. We are open to the entry of additional investors. The fund structure as a GmbH & Co. KG allows a simplified entry of investors as additional limited partners.

If you are interested in joining TU capital's group of limited partners, please send an e-mail to investors[at]tu-capital.com

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